Your Kitchen Sink Will Never Be Clogged Again

If you’ve ever had your kitchen sink clog up you know it’s no picnic. But if you adopt the following habits you’ll never have to worry about a clogged sink ever again.

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No oil in the drain

Oil and grease (like the one you use for your fried chicken) are bad for pipes. They build up on the inside, which, over time, results in a clogged drain. Next time you use fatty ingredients, don’t pour them down the drain. Instead, spread aluminum foil inside a small bowl and throw it in there. Then you can just trash the foil away.

Rinse plates, pots, and pans with cold water

Even if you don’t dump grease directly down your drain, you still use it in your food. This means that some oily residue on your dishes is unavoidable. To protect your sink from any oily damage, wash those dishes with cold water. The cold water will help the oil remain somewhat solid and slide through the pipes more easily.


Go easy on your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is not meant to deal with industrial quantities of leftovers. In order to make sure your disposal lasts longer with no clogging, you’ll have to first scrape leftover food into the trash can. Only then you can scrape anything left into the disposal.

No starch or fibers in the garbage disposal

Foods such as potato skins, rhubarb, pasta, rice, or celery, are starchy or full of fibers. These kinds of food turn to gel as they start to decompose, which will ultimately clog your drain. Opt for the trash can instead.


Maintain regularly

In order to not have any plumbers around, you want to regularly care for your sink as best as you can. For that, you will need to get a gentle product that is enzyme-based. These are effective in eliminating organic matter that might be lining the plumbing. Leave the product overnight and run some water down the drain in the morning.