OnePlus Teases Its Custom Keychron Keyboard In New Video

A teaser image of the OnePlus Keyboard blown out to show the components.

OnePlus’ final announcement of 2022 was, oddly enough, a collaboration with Keychron. The brands are working together to build a “fully customizable” OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard. Now, a new teaser video shows us what to expect from this keyboard before its February 7th debut.

The Oneplus keyboard features an aluminum chassis, an adjustable riser (which is really a swiveling metal bar), RGB lighting, and a mix of gray and red keycaps. There’s also a large clear volume knob—as XDA-Developers notes, some images of the keyboard include a red volume knob, so this component may be interchangeable.

In terms of actual functionality, the OnePlus keyboard offers wired USB-C or Bluetooth connectivity for Windows, macOS, and Linux. OnePlus confirms that the switches are hot-swappable. But regardless of the switches you use, this keyboard should deliver a soft actuation and “slightly-dampened” sound thanks to the gasket design.

Additionally, the OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard supports open-source firmware for advanced customization. You can use QMK and VIA to customize RGB lighting and remap keys, for example. Other software customization options aren’t mentioned on OnePlus’ website.

The OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard debuts on February 7th. Note that this is the first product in OnePlus’ Featuring X series—the phonemaker plans to collaborate with other brands in the future. Presumably, these collaborations will focus on well-known brands like Keychron to give OnePlus a leg up in the accessories market.

If you want, you can visit the OnePlus website and set yourself a reminder for the keyboard launch event. You can also just subscribe to our free newsletter, as we plan to cover this keyboard throughout its launch.

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